Welcome to Kalaallit Nunaat - Greenland, the beautiful white pearl of the arctic, the largest island on the planet and the least densely populated country in the world. Home to the worlds northernmost capital, the most active glacier and the largest national park. 

An unique country where the ancient eskimos way of living meets the modern society of the western civilization in a magnificent way.

Join, the biggest photo gallery from Greenland, on a photographic journey through this amazing country. Visit the capital Nuuk, the breathtaking ice-fjord of ilulissat, see the spectacular northern light, the beautiful Tasermiut Fjord in south Greenland and much more, right from your computer. Enjoy!
Kalaallit Nunaat (Greenland), meaning “the land of the Greenlanders” in Greenlandic has a population of only 56.300 in an area of incredible 2,166,086 square kilometers. Two-third of Greenland is covered in a permanent 2-3 kilometers thick ice-cap spanning 2.650 km from south to the north. The worlds largest national park i located in north east Greenland.
Greenland has a lot to offer the limited amount of visitors. The small capacity of the infrastructure in Greenland limits the amount of tourist to only a few thousand every year. But limited capacity also makes it a very unique and extreme experience for the few tourists. Greenland offers many great places for trekking, kayaking, climbing, sailing or just to see the beautiful arctic nature close up.

Greenland history
Greenland is a country with an unique and fascinating history. Archeological findings from the first eskimo settlers dates more than 4.000 years back. Some 3.000 years later the first europeans settled on Greenland.
For reasons still unknown the european settlers suddenly disappeared after a few hundred years. The eskimos remained and managed to survive the changing and harsh environment of the arctic to this day.
The country which mainly consists of ice was named Greenland in year 985 by the Icelandic farmer Erik the Red to attract european settlers. Erik The Red did settle in a green valley, which was named Brattahlíð in south Greenland.

Modern Greenland
Greenland today is a rapidly changing society in many aspects. The great potential for oil and minerals attracts investors worldwide to explore and develop oil and mining industry in our country. This huge potential could make Greenland the next oil and mining frontier, but also an environmental disaster for our fragile arctic wildlife habitat. 

Potential Uranium Production
Greenland could become a key player next to China in the uranium production, currently a very hot issue. 
The Kvanefjeld mountain in the southern Greenland has a very high concentration of rare earth deposits with a major potential for uranium production as a byproduct. The decision to mine the uranium might be decided within a couple of years. 
The majority of the population in Greenland is against mining for uranium, which would be an environmental disaster.

The future of Greenland
Hopefully our politicians will manage to guide Greenland into the future in a way that preserves the traditional sustainable relationship with nature. But also to find a way to benefit from the wealth of our natural resources, without causing irreversible environmental disasters to the arctic environment. A very difficult balance act, which requires the involvement of the people and environmental NGO’s as well as specialist.
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